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What Story is the Newberry Library telling?

Jessamyn blogs her recent visit to the Chicago-based Newberry Library: guard: “Do you have some RESEARCH you’d like to do?” (clearly the emphais on the word, to me, implies “hey dumbass, it’s the most obvious password in the book. Here, I’m giving it to you”) me: “No, I just wanted to look at the reading room, but I think I’ll go home instead.” I really try to not use this space to complain about customer service incidents unless I think they can somehow be useful teaching tools, but I just was floored here. I had done my homework and read […]

The Camera and the Sidekick

Meta shot Originally uploaded by The Shifted Librarian. Sadly, a string events, and my own human error, resulted in the loss of my camera — and all the picturtes from the trip — as well as my Sidekick 3 during our trip to Holland. I was corresponding with a few folks via the phone address at tmail.com so please write to me at mstephens @ mac.com!