Tech Tips for Every Librarian: Share and Share Alike

Tech Tips for Every Librarian

For July/August, Rachel & I co-authored a piece on sites where librarians can share their expertise!

One of librarians’ core strengths lies in the way we share knowledge and facilitate the free ex change of information. When we extend this strength to communicating, collaborating, and building networks with one another–in addition to the collaborative services we provide our patrons–we are truly unstoppable. And when we pool our knowledge and skills to share technology information and solutions, we are able to create a technical foundation that every library can build upon.

The power of community and collaboration shines through in several new technology-related projects, which we would like to share with you. These online resources harness the collective power of the library community, helping us implement easy technical solutions and learn more about technology so that we are then prepared to make the best choices for our own libraries and our local communities’ needs.

We highlight: