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Hotter than Hot:The Dawn of the Embedded Library:

If I could be there to listen and blog, I would! Take a look at this ultra hot program from NEASIST: http://www.neasist.org/pc/programs/20061003.html Join us for another engaging program featuring five pace-setters innovating at the edge of new library services! They will focus on examples of how and why libraries need to think beyond “marketing & advocacy” to a new level of findability, usability, and service. It is a future moving towards full integration of the library into users’ daily web practices.

Tech Tips for Every Librarian: Share and Share Alike

For July/August, Rachel & I co-authored a piece on sites where librarians can share their expertise! One of librarians’ core strengths lies in the way we share knowledge and facilitate the free ex change of information. When we extend this strength to communicating, collaborating, and building networks with one another–in addition to the collaborative services we provide our patrons–we are truly unstoppable. And when we pool our knowledge and skills to share technology information and solutions, we are able to create a technical foundation that every library can build upon. The power of community and collaboration shines through in several […]

Blog Day 2006 (Updated!)

It’s Blog Day again! Here is my list from last year at this time. And Meredith Farkas has already posted her list here. Five new(ish) biblioblogs you might want to take a look at: The Ubiquitous librarian: A fascinating voice from academic libraries! Brian Matthews blogs thoughtfully and posts some things that just make me say WOW! Check out his posts on gaming. The Green Kangaroo: A strong voice from our association! Mary Ghikas, Senior Associate Executive Director at the American Library Association, blogs about associations, ALA and what she’s reading. I am so glad we have this personal presence […]