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Playaway Players in Indiana

Kate Sherrill, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana librarian, reports via e-mail that Evansville PL in southern Indiana is loaning Playaway players: “I had heard from a friend that EVPL was going to have these, and I see that they are available now..” http://www.evpl.org/digitalbooks/playaway.aspx She also send the link to the Playwaya Libraries page: http://www.playawaydigital.com/libraries/ I’ll be interested in hearing from librarians who have offered this device.

Flickr #1 Photography Site In UK

Phil Bradley reports at search Engine Watch: Hitwise is reporting that Flickr is the #1 photography site in the UK. This isn’t really a surprise at all – what’s more suprising is that it’s taken a while to get there, and how it’s got there. Flickr’s UK market share has increased 39%, Photobucket’s share decreased by 17% and Webshot’s remained flat. This is apparently due good SEO and searches for soft porn using the brand name and various terms you can work out for yourself. In some respects this is worthy of nothing more than a wry smile and shrug […]