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Those Pesky Librarians!

Just a quick, very nice example of school library blogging and Flickr in action: The Pescosolido Library at The Governor’s Academy in Byfield, MA has a blog and a Flickr account. Jennifer Brown, one of the librarians at this grade 9-12 Independent School, wrote share some URLs: Thanks Jennifer! Keep it up!

TTW Mailbox: Library Facebook Shut Down

Did you know Facebook was shutting down accounts for libraries? Hi Michael — It was a pleasure to meet you at the Kentucky Library Association Conference. This is the link to my post about the UK Libraries Facebook profile being shut down: bo.html We’ll be posting updates as we have them. Best, Stacey Greenwell Head, Desktop Support University of Kentucky Libraries This will be interesting to watch. I wish you the best getting access to your content!

TTW Mailbox: More Conference Blogging

I saw your recent post on Tame the Web about the KLA Conference blog. I thought you might be interested to know that the Midwest Chapter / Medical Library Association will be meeting in Louisville October 9-10 – and we are just starting up a blog to cover the conference. As the chapter newsletter editor, I’m doing most of the posting here before the conference to get things rolling. And believe me, I am learning a lot on a very steep learning curve! We are also planning to post photos, but the technical aspects of that are yet to be […]

John Berry on Michael Gorman in LJ

Via Jenny: John Berry, in an editorial at LJ, ponders Michael Gorman’s legacy as president of ALA: A traditionalist with whom I frequently agree, and just as frequently don’t, Gorman alienated the newest constituency in our professional ranks early on. He attacked the young and not-so-young library bloggers in these very pages (“Revenge of the Blog People,” BackTalk, LJ 2/15/05, p. 44). That, coupled with Gorman’s view that a more traditional approach to library education ought to balance the field’s obsessions with new information technology, turned off a huge number of the young technolibrarians so prominent in librarianship now. The […]

Kentucky Library Association

Here’s a big shout out to the folks at the Kentucky Library Association. They join the ranks of some of the other state level groups that are actively seekeing to present new ideas and thinking to their members as part of their statewide conference. Right now, Peter Morville is about to open the day with a talk from his book Ambient Findability. Rock on KLA!

On Using IM Reference Nicole writes: I just finished my first conversation with a reference staff member at Drexel via IM! I needed to find a required journal and was thrown off by the interface they provided me with. I went right to my comfort zone – InfoTrac because that’s what we have at work and I know how to use it – but turns out that even though it said my journal was in there – it wasn’t! So I opened up IM and asked the librarian. Now that I think back I guess a complaint would be that he/she didn’t provide […]

KLA Conference Blog

The Conference Blogging Team would like to announce the KLA2006 Conference Blog. To view conference session reviews, leave comments, view pictures and more, check out these sites. – Blog Pictures

Some “Top Ten” lists to Note

The Social Customer Manifeso’s “Top Ten Ways Businesses, Associations and Organizations Can Use Social Networking:” Jessamyn West’s Ten Tips for Presenters: (read the comments too!) Librarian in Black’s Ten Reasons Librarians Should Use Instead of Google: