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Gaming Resources at UIUC

From Joy, one of my summer session students, comes this link: http://www.library.uiuc.edu/gaming/ Great resource for those interested in gaming in libraries and the News area has an RSS feed. Personally, I am eagerly awaiting the October release of Jenny Levine’s Library Technology Report “Gaming and Libraries: Intersection of Services.” Jenny’s take on gaming in libraries is most insightful and I believe her future view is most clear. Be ready folks, for more and more gaming in libraries.

Ten Do’s and Don’ts for Conference, Workshop, and Program Organizers

Take a look at this great post from Rachel! http://www.lisjobs.com/liminal/2006/09/ten-dos-and-donts-for-conference.html This one rules: DO sweat the small stuff. If your presenter is coming from out of state, who will pick her up at the airport? Or, should she take a cab? Will your organization reimburse her for cabs? Who will make and pay for the travel and lodging arrangements? Is there a luncheon/dinner/reception to which you can wrangle her an invitation? If not, do you have some time free to join her for dinner/lunch/breakfast? (This is a nice touch, especially when dealing with an out-of-state speaker who may not know […]

On Small Libraries and Library 2.0

Marie Palmer, at a new-to-me blog called “Library Stuff…” writes this week about reading Casey & Savastinuk’s article in LJ , and ponders how smaller libraries can get involved: A lot of libraries have always aimed to be “Library 2.0?. What’s new now is the abundance of technologies that help libraries further this aim. I work with a lot of small public libraries and though they may wish to keep up with these technologies, they very often don’t have the funding or resources to do so. They’re also usually far from highly populated centres that tend to attract techno-savvy librarians. […]