Library Conflict Management

Great post at “What I Learned Today” about a recent SirsiDynix Webinar on Library Conflict Management. How many of us have these folks working closeby?

Stopped Learning
You all know where I stand on this one – never stop learning!! This is the kind of person who exempts themselves from classes and has no new goals. The cure? Update their job description to include required education and make them accountable for their actions.

Loss of Respect
This person has developed a “benign contempt” for the people they work with, they no longer respect their colleagues or supervisors. They will make complaints to strangers about their work environment. The cure? Find a new job – why work where you don’t respect those around you?

No Consequences
No one in this work place is ever fired or disciplined, no one is praised or rewarded, there are no evaluations or accountability. The cure? Change all of those things! Promote responsibility in the work place.