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Listening to Student Voices (From David Warlick)

Via David Warlick at http://davidwarlick.com/2cents/2006/09/18/listening-to-student-voices/: Ian Jukes, just sent me a link to a study that was published last year by Education|Evolving, a joint venture between the Center for Policy Studies and Hamline University in Minnesota. The report, Listening to Student Voices — on Technology (pdf), describes 15 findings, culled from various literature. The findings are mostly not surprising, but worth noting again: Computer and internet use is growing Students are sophisticated users Technology is important to students in education Technology is not an extra In-school access to technology is limited Home use dominates In-school use is not integrated Computers […]

Steal this Idea: Flickr for Librarians

Are you wrestling with Flickr at your library? Did recent scare tactics by anonymous emailers put your admin into a tizzy? Save or print this..and pass it on! From NEKLS Tech Day August 10, 2006, by Mickey Coalwell (mcoalwell (at) nekls.org) who gave me permission to post it here. He and Joshua Neff did a great program on Flickr education for a standing room only crowd. This would be a great thing to do at your next staff meeting or staff lunch time learning session. Thanks Mickey. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 16 Ways To Use flickr @ Your Library 1. Publicize EVENTS at […]

Ten More Things to Learn Before You Graduate

Via the OPLS Blog: “12 Really Necessary Things to Learn” I’ll share this with my LIS701 Class tonight. http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2006/08/ten_things_to_l.html From Guy Kawasaki: 1. How to talk to your boss. 2. How to survive a meeting that’s poorly run. 3. How to run a meeting. 4. How to figure out anything on your own. 5. How to negotiate. 6. How to have a conversation. 7. How to explain something in thirty seconds. 8. How to write a one-page report. 9. How to write a five-sentence email. 10. How to get along with co-workers. 11. How to use PowerPoint. 12. How to […]

On Gaming in Libraries: Levine Steps Up

As I posted a few days ago, I am eagerly awaiting Jenny Levine’s Library Technology Report on Gaming in Libraries. Until then, read her insightful post “How Do we Measure gaming…”: Or do we somehow try to measure participation, like we do for the summer reading program or the teen advisory committee? Is there a way to equate the literacy of the number of books a kid reads in the reading program versus the literacy a kid needs to advance playing a video game? We don’t measure the actual literacy of the kids participating in the summer reading program, just […]

Library Conflict Management

Great post at “What I Learned Today” about a recent SirsiDynix Webinar on Library Conflict Management. How many of us have these folks working closeby? Stopped Learning You all know where I stand on this one – never stop learning!! This is the kind of person who exempts themselves from classes and has no new goals. The cure? Update their job description to include required education and make them accountable for their actions. Loss of Respect This person has developed a “benign contempt” for the people they work with, they no longer respect their colleagues or supervisors. They will make […]

The Mere Act of Asking

New ways of thinking about work. New priorities. New additions to the family. How does your library’s adminstration repsond to NextGen employees? In Priorities & Professionalism in the new LJ, Sophie Brookover ponders how libraries might encourage and embrace the work-life balance of employees: Ask your employees what they need. Work with them to make the changes that work best for the organization as a whole. You probably can’t give your employees everything they want, but the mere act of asking them what they need is important. A staff that is empowered to share its needs is a happy staff, […]