ILS Vendors – Are You Reading Blogs?

Paul Miller posts about innovation, Abram and the Cluetrain:

I trust that our fellow vendors must (by now!) just about be sufficiently Participation Age-aware to read at least one of Panlibus or Stephen’s Lighthouse. Here’s hoping, for the sake of their customers, that they find Patty’s post via one of those routes, have a read, and get re-imagining their business and its interaction with the world around it. Oh, and while I’ve got their attention… have you finished Cluetrain yet?

A few months ago,I asked III to read the Cluetrain as well. Maybe it’s time for ILS customers to blog more, collaborate more and participate a bit more in creating a dialogue with the folks that they pay a lot of money to for a service. And if they don’t like what they hear — and if the conversation isn’t human – maybe it’s time for another vendor…

Cluetrain Manifesto #95: We are waking up and linking to each other. We are watching. But we are not waiting.