TTW Mailbox: More Conference Blogging

Midwest Conference Call

I saw your recent post on Tame the Web about the KLA Conference blog. I thought you might be interested to know that the Midwest Chapter / Medical Library Association will be meeting in Louisville October 9-10 – and we are just starting up a blog to cover the conference. As the chapter newsletter editor, I’m doing most of the posting here before the conference to get things rolling. And believe me, I am learning a lot on a very steep learning curve! We are also planning to post photos, but the technical aspects of that are yet to be finalized. That means, I haven’t figured it out yet!

I invite you to visit the blog and a feed is available.


Clare Leibfarth
Medical Librarian

Clare – Great work! The blog looks good and seeding it before the conference is a good idea, especially that post about FOOD!

Guess what — the picture thing will be snap (pun intended) if you get a Flickr account for the conference or allow your conference bloggers to post to their own Flickr accounts and then either “blog this” or paste in the Flickr code. We did less than an hour of exploration/training at KLA and the group was doing well. Take a look at what the folks in Kentucky are doing with Flickr: < a href=""> for inspiration.