The SLJ Leadership Summit: Learning in the 21st Century: The Role of the Library Media Program

SLJ Leadership Summit

I am knocked out to be participating in a panel discussion focusing on School Library 2.0 at the 2006 School Library Journal Leadership Summit in Chicago this November. The roster is filled with names of folks I’ve read, learned from and had the honor to work with. This event will surely be blogged and reported from many angles, so if you aren’t attending (invitations went out a few weeks ago), watch the blogs and news sites! (Is there an official tag yet?)

School Library 2.0
Panel Facilitator: Christopher Harris

Panelists: David Warlick, Doug Achterman, Diane Chen, Michael Stephens

Bringing together librarians, technology coordinators, classroom teachers, and futurists, this group will look at how emerging technologies that are a part of learners’ lives can be integrated into education.

What is School Library 2.0 ?
In order for a school library media program to achieve a level of School library 2.0 a level of trust and safety must be reached. What steps must be taken to achieve an acceptable level of trust and safety? What elements of learning that aren’t currently supported or don’t exist will become possible with School Library 2.0 ? How will this effect student achievement?
Is there a relation between our school library collection and School Library 2.0?
The perception of a school library and the activities which occur there is greatly distorted by the media, fellow educators and the public in general. Many programs exist to change this perception. What marketing or promotional steps must be taken to create a School Library 2.0?