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What Can We Do With Flickr?

What Can We Do With Flickr? Originally uploaded by cogdogblog. This cluttered desk represents just a small set of powerful ways you can use flickr. This image has been annotated with “notes”, so as you move a mouse over hotspot areas, pop-up messages will appear, some of them with links that can take you elsewhere. Explore these links to learn some ways you can leverage the power of flickr. Run don’t walk to this Flickr shot and follow the many useful links for ideas and inspiration.

My Space for Parents

Matt Gullett writes a thoughtful post about making connections in library MySpace classes: http://youthtech.wordpress.com/2006/10/15/myspace-for-parents-pt-2/ I had one very thankful mother of a daughter that has had problems in the past with her MySpace page and usage. They are about to allow her access again and just want to make sure that they know what they are getting into. She seemed to be a very concerned parent that wanted to allow for some freedom and flexibility, but also wanted to keep her daughter safe and honest to who she is. Honest in the sense of things that she was writing and […]

Zines for Teens

From John at Pop Goes the Library, in his introductory post: http://www.popgoesthelibrary.com/2006/10/hi-everybody-shouted-like-dr-nick.html I currently work as the Young Adult Librarian and Systems Administrator for the Franklin Township Public Library in Somerset, NJ. (I’m also part of the reference staff and the webmaster) I’m pretty new to librarianship–I never worked at a library until I was in my Master’s program, and I just completed the program this last year–so I’m filled with ideas of things that libraries could and should be doing (i.e., better marketing). At some point in my recent past, I worked for science fiction publishers like Tor Books […]

Pew on the Read Write Web

A recent Pew reports gathers some new data and previous publications for a scan of the current state of “Web 2.0:” http://www.pewinternet.org/PPF/r/189/source/rss/report_display.asp “Web 2.0” has become a catch-all buzzword that people use to describe a wide range of online activities and applications, some of which the Pew Internet & American Life Project has been tracking for years. As researchers, we instinctively reach for our spreadsheets to see if there is evidence to inform the hype about any online trend. This article provides a short history of the phrase, along with new traffic data from Hitwise to help frame the discussion. […]

Karen Coombs on Strategic Planning for a 2.0 World

Planning for Now and Then, By Karen Coombs, LJ netConnect — October 15, 2006: http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6375463.html The growth of the read/write web has also influenced strategic directions. New technologies enable anyone to create and publish content to the web. Initially, users mostly published text. However, digital cameras, video cameras, GarageBand, Flickr, YouTube, and a host of other software allow ordinary people to create a variety of content and post it to the web. This dramatically changes the types of software that libraries need to support their computing facilities. For example, the University of Minnesota has made web log software available to […]

Helene Blowers Joins PL Track to talk Learning 2.0

PLCMC Technology Summit: Library 2.0 Originally uploaded by mstephens7. One of the best things I’ve seen play out this year in the realm of libraries and librarians trying out some of the new tools as well as picking up some new skills was the Learning 2.0 program at the Public Library of Charlotte Mecklenberg County. Sadly, Michael Casey can’t join us tomorrow for our public library futures track here in Monterey – but the mastermind behind Learning 2.0 is stepping in! See and hear Helene Blowers tomorrow morning at 10:15. And guess what! Like many of the sessions in our […]

TTW Mailbox: Did You Know?

Dr. Margaret Lincoln writes: REMC 12 Director Mike Oswalt shared an excellent PowerPoint on School 2.0 at http://techplan.edzone.net/TDM2006/DIDYOUKNOW.ppt that was recently shown at the Michigan Technology Directors Meeting on October 6. The original presentation at http://arapahoe.littletonpublicschools.net/media/EDocs/did_you_know.ppt was developed by Karl Fisch (a tech director from Colorado) and is quite powerful with the addition of background music. Both PowerPoint versions play automatically and take only 8 minutes * time well spent! Take a look! It’s fascinating.