TTW Mailbox: Moraine Valley Blog, Podcast & Web News

I met Troy Swanson at Internet Librarian and this week he sent me some links to their Blog Development Blog:

I wanted to forwarded some info about our PodCasts and Web site that I hope you might find interesting. I have posted a couple of things to our “Blog Development Blog”. Here are the links.

“PodCasts Added”
“Building Pressures”

Good stuff. And I noted that Steven Cohen mentioned these developments as well and pointed to the Moraine Podcast policy:

Library PodCast Policies

About the Library Event PodCasts

The Library Event PodCasts are intended to be a flexible, portable record of the events held within the Moraine Valley Library. As such, they are intended to enhance library programs and the larger Moraine Valley curriculum in the following ways:

They fulfill the library’s mission by “providing information literacy instruction and support across the curriculum” and “collaborating with faculty and others to develop innovative services and programs.”
They enhance the classroom experience by providing expert views on challenging and timely subjects.
They provide an opportunity for students and community members to participate in library events even though they may not be able to visit the events in person.
They act as an ongoing record of library events for future use.
These events are hosted by the library in the spirit of public discussion, open debate, and intellectual growth. The views expressed by panel members, lecturers, or audience members are their own and are not necessarily the official views of the Moraine Valley Community College board of trustees, staff, faculty, or administration.

I like this because it ties the use of podcasting to the library’s mission. It’s not just cool and it’s not just HOT, but in an interactive, pod-plugged-in world, this is a way to meet the mission via a new tool. Ponder adapting this policy for your own podcasts and videocasts.