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Brian Kenney Challenges Public Library Directors

Brian Kenney, editor of SLJ, urges public libraries to provide more activities, tools and tech for young people. Most librarians get it..but: http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/article/CA6386666.html It’s the public library directors who need to listen. Staff members need better tools and skills, while their youth need more space, materials, and computers. As Gómez says, “We cannot view out-of-school-time programming and services as an adjunct to core library services.” For that to be true, a lot of public library directors will need to take a hard look at their library’s resources and how they’re spent. Maybe it’s time to stop moaning about that seldom-visited […]

Latching on to Access at Panera

Rachel Singer Gordon on Library 2.0: http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6379554.html Simply put, think about ways to remove barriers. This can be as simple as rethinking our position on no cell phones, no drinks, and no instant messaging. (And we wonder why people run out the door to latch onto the free wireless access at Panera instead?) Do you still make people sign paper forms to use the Internet? Think about the “no” at your library and how you can turn that into a “yes.”

The New Learning Landscape

http://blogs.talis.com/panlibus/archives/2006/11/stellenbosch_da.php Just a bit that caught my eye from Richard Wallis’s notes at Stellenbosch: The New Learning Landscape Prof Johannes CronjeTeaching and Training Studies University of Pretoria – Who Killed E-learning? The buzz-word e-learning has died The vision of the e-learning doing it all died with it – monumental failures Why? – over emphasis on technology being the life blood of e-learning presenting things – push technology – ppt/pdf too much text lack of on going support – no clear e-learning strategy – no maintenance of commitment Nobody will morn its passing we are looking – elsewhere Strong competition for […]

SLJ Summit: David Warlick on Diane Chen

http://davidwarlick.com/2cents/2006/11/03/this-is-a-library-maven/ This is a pretty bold person. She’s not going to let any native take over the technology, because she’s a leader, an information leader. She hijacks classrooms when the substitute is there. There are never enough lesson plans, so she is able to cover things that she’s been trying accomplish.

SLJ Summit: David Warlick in the School Library 2.0 Group

(I’m a fanboy!) http://davidwarlick.com/sljsummit/slj_summit.ppt.htm David’s son at college: still carrying on text conversations. It’s not the machine, it’s the information he’s engaged in. Kids are talking, working toward a goal, collaborating and then they come in our schools and WE CUT THEM OFF. Kids think everything should be clickable. What does a clickable library look like? Showed a video his son made. How did he learn to do that? David didn’t teach him. His teachers didn’t teach him. He taught himself. Kids use an IM language all their own. We didn’t teach them, the collaborated to make it on their […]

SLJ Summit: Learning & Libraries in the Digital AgeThe im

Dr. David Cavallo, MIT Media Lab http://www.laptop.org/ What should education be when any information is just a few mouse clicks away. He showed a picture he found by “googling ‘boring school’” of some students in class looking tired: Kids would rather be challenged than bored. (He asked how many folks were blogging live…I think it’s just me!) Cavallo disscusses the development of the $100 laptop. What we need is a lowcost computer for education, and because the computer industry ignored their pleas, they decided to build one themselves. The laptop features these technical innovations: LCD Technology Mesh networking Powermanagement Manual […]

SLJ Summit: On Trust, Technologies & 2.0 Thinking

Today, I head downtown to participate in the School Library Journal Leadership Summit. In preparation, participants and speakers have grown a wiki of discussion questions, links and insights. Take a look at the School Library 2.0 page and don’t miss Diane Chen’s incredible lists of SL2 links: http://sljsummit.pbwiki.com/School%20Library%202point0 I really look forward to hearing her speak. Also, take a look at Jack Alton Strawn’s post about trust: I am looking forward to attending the summit. I have so many questions about Library 2.0. Thank you for the reading list, as it has been very helpful. With question #2 dealing with […]