SLJ Summit: David Warlick in the School Library 2.0 Group

(I’m a fanboy!)

Warlick: Our School are Flat

David’s son at college: still carrying on text conversations. It’s not the machine, it’s the information he’s engaged in. Kids are talking, working toward a goal, collaborating and then they come in our schools and WE CUT THEM OFF.

Kids think everything should be clickable. What does a clickable library look like?

Showed a video his son made. How did he learn to do that? David didn’t teach him. His teachers didn’t teach him. He taught himself.

Kids use an IM language all their own. We didn’t teach them, the collaborated to make it on their own.

They learn from video games. His kids designed their own rollercoaster. They learn by engaging in the information. David referenced Got Game. Overheard a conversation between his son and his son’s friends: a conversation about the motivations of characters in a game, like a discussion of Shakespaere.

Demo’ed an example of machinima.

Illustrated teaching in the 1950s:

Teacher up above the students. Learning flowed down to students – gravity.

Now, our classrooms are flat. How do we drive learning now?

We need to integrate the game into school. Games are:

Convertible & conversible
Personal investment
Identity Building

Warlick on Bringing Games to School