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http://www.librarything.com/thingology/2006/12/is-your-opac-fun-manifesto-of-sorts.php This is about participation! Give patrons a reason to check in every day—something about the books, and ideally about them and the books, not some “trick” like free movie passes. Read the whole post!

Congrats: Casey Bisson wins Mellon Award for innovative search software for libraries

Press Release from Plymouth State University: Making Libraries Relevant in an Internet-Based Society PSU’s Casey Bisson wins Mellon Award for innovative search software for libraries PLYMOUTH, N.H. — You can’t trip over what’s not there. Every day millions of Internet users search online for information about millions of topics. And none of their search results include resources from the countless libraries around the world. Until now. Casey Bisson, information architect for Plymouth State University’s Lamson Library, has received the prestigious Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration for his ground-breaking software application known as WPopac. The Wpopac software will revolutionize the online […]

Brenda Hearts Meebo

http://blog.nekls.org/index.php/archives/301 I do still see some libraries prohibiting the use of instant messaging (IM). One of the reasons libraries have prohibited it is because of the need to install the Instant Messaging client on each public access computer. That, however, is no longer required. There are web-based tools that allow you to use IM without having to install software. My personal favorite is Meebo. It allows users to access their AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ or Jabber accounts, without needing to install any software. And it’s free! When you access Meebo, you will frequently see interesting notes from the […]