Brenda Hearts Meebo

I do still see some libraries prohibiting the use of instant messaging (IM). One of the reasons libraries have prohibited it is because of the need to install the Instant Messaging client on each public access computer. That, however, is no longer required. There are web-based tools that allow you to use IM without having to install software. My personal favorite is Meebo. It allows users to access their AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ or Jabber accounts, without needing to install any software. And it’s free!

When you access Meebo, you will frequently see interesting notes from the developers. Today, for example, Elaine from Meebo posted about some statistics they have gathered about text customization. 75% of users just use the default black font when are chatting. If people do change the color of the text, what do you think is the most popular choice? Hot pink!