Ho Ho Ho Hat (A Flickr Easter Egg)

Ho Ho Ho

Originally uploaded by mstephens7.

This morning, I’m doing that thing I do: curl in bed with the laptop and catchup on my library feeds, news sites and my flickr streams before starting the day….when I see Chad Haefele has noted one of my recent pictures. I click through from the “recent Activity” page at Flickr and I’m wearing a Santa hat! More exploration leads to Jessamyn giving me a beard in a picture of Steve and I at the Apple Store!

To top this Christmas Ho Ho Ho fun, Stephen Abram sends me a link to the post describing this Easter Egg, featuring my favorite GTD’er and Mac Break podcaster Merlin Mann!

Flickr’s got an awesome Xmas easter-egg: if you add a photonote called “ho ho ho hat,” Flickr draws a Santa-hat on your pic; make one called “ho ho ho beard” and you get a snowy white beard.

So — try it out! Let’s see some Ho Ho Ho’ing hatted and bearded librarians and library users. How about a tag for this as well?

Here’s Jake!

Ho Ho Ho Jake