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Library Directors…Meet Your Future Leaders

Via the scorching hot Smart Mobs blog comes a link to a report concerning the attitudes of people who participate in online communities: http://www.smartmobs.com/archive/2006/12/07/characterisitic….html They are: Fast followers More flexible Open communicators Aspire to greatness Looking for new, innovative ideas In short – your future leaders How are you encouraging these folks in your organization? Are there outlets, teams, projects and work groups that can make use of these attitudes while also acquainting them with your seasoned folk for knowledge transfer? Are you hyperlinked?

Ho Ho Ho Hat (A Flickr Easter Egg)

Ho Ho Ho Originally uploaded by mstephens7. This morning, I’m doing that thing I do: curl in bed with the laptop and catchup on my library feeds, news sites and my flickr streams before starting the day….when I see Chad Haefele has noted one of my recent pictures. I click through from the “recent Activity” page at Flickr and I’m wearing a Santa hat! More exploration leads to Jessamyn giving me a beard in a picture of Steve and I at the Apple Store! To top this Christmas Ho Ho Ho fun, Stephen Abram sends me a link to the […]

Ground Rules for Teachers Who Blog

Via David Warlick: http://www.edtechmag.com/k12/issues/november-december-2006/blog-rules.html Here’s the advice for independent teacher bloggers: DEALING WITH INDEPENDENTLY BLOGGING TEACHERS Urge teachers to blog and provide staff development. Produce a document that describes the legal implications of blogging and suggests proper and responsible practices. Deliver the message: “Don’t be stupid.” The proactive take is nice. Urge your teachers to blog but educate them about best practices, etc. Same can be said for a library’s independent blogging librarians.