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Blogging as Reflective Practice

Via SmartMobs comes a link to a presentation concerning blogging as reflective practice: It certainly is a masterpiece about the meaning of reflection in relation to organizations and how social software could help people cope with all the changes. Teemu states that in education, the worst thing we can do is to hang on in best practices. Reflection creates future practices, while best practices are just past practices!! Coping with change is most important in our information organizations. Blogging (or using wikis) might be a useful tool to chronicle that shift. I’m reminded of the voices of the PLCMC Learning […]

TANK U: Download Station in the Library

http://dutchlibraries.web-log.nl/dutchlibraries/2006/11/tank_u_a_downlo.html A digital download station in the public library Last week at ‘Publishing, beyond the book’, a public library seminar on the changing world of media and information the prototype of a download station, TANK U, was presented by Edo Postma of ProBiblio and Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer (Delft Public Library). TANK U wants to be a place in town where passers-by may download information on their mobile phone. Made available free of charge by their public library to inspire users with suggestions for reading, viewing or listening. Not the usual run-of-the-mill stuff, but suggestions that broaden one’s horizon […]

All Kinds of Bloggers!

From “Blog Epitaphs? Get Me Rewrite! Rumors of Blogs’ Demise Are Exaggerated, But a Lot Less Obsession Would Be Healthy” by Jason Fry, WSJ: If blogs are hard to pin down, so are bloggers. A common caricature beloved by editorialists is the pajama-clad navel-gazer who deems the minutiae of his or her life worthy of a world-wide audience — and there are such bloggers. (Some of them are quite entertaining, too.) But there are other caricatures: the snarky soapbox blogger trying to parlay attitude into life as an author or talking head (and earn some money via text ads), or […]

TTW Mailbox: Flickr’ing Libraries and the Flickr TOS

Photo illustration of LaGrange Park Public Library’s Flickr profile Hi Michael, I’m a librarian at a large public library and I’m wondering if you can help me out. I’m trying to convince our staff to dive into the world of Flickr but a question has been brought up about #7 on Flick’s official terms of use. “Flickr is intended for personal use and is not a generic image hosting service. Professional or corporate uses of Flickr are prohibited.” I would naturally assume that this is referring to for-profit uses of Flickr, but I’m wondering if you have heard of any […]

Congrats Jo Ann Pinder, Woman of the Year!

http://www.gwinnettmagazine.com/bog2006.cfm#womanyear As the executive director of the Gwinnett County Public Library (GCPL) for 15 years, Pinder operated with clear direction and a commitment to the belief that “a library should serve from cradle to grave.” During her tenure, the GCPL was named the 2000 Library of the Year by the Library Journal, instituting a host of customer-focused changes that made the Gwinnett library system one that leaders from other areas envy – and local patrons embrace and enjoy. Good for you, Jo Ann! Good luck on your run for ALA Treasurer as well! You’ve got my vote. Here’s what Jessamyn […]

Pew on the Digital Native: Reality 5

Be aware of Digital Native’s POV. In “Digital ‘Natives’ Invade the Workplace,” one of Lee Rainie’s realities for Digital Natives is “They are multi-taskers often living in a state of “continuous partial attention” and that means the boundary between work and leisure is quite permeable.” This is something managers and adminstrators should take to heart. http://pewresearch.org/obdeck/?ObDeckID=70 The Realities: Reality 1 — They are video gamers and that gives them different expectations about how to learn, work, and pursue careers. Reality 2 –They are technologically literate, but that does not necessarily make them media literate. Reality 3 — They are content […]

How about those New Job Descriptions

Some library jobs of note: WanderingEyre posts about another cool job description: How is that for a job title? The Emergent Technologies Librarian is a new job open at the Eastern Michigan University Library. This would be a wonderful position for someone who wanted to get their hands in the thick of Library 2.0. From the posting: The Eastern Michigan University Library seeks a proactive, creative, service-oriented individual to play a key role on its Information Services Team. The Emergent Technologies Librarian will serve as an explorer of and advocate for the use of emergent technologies to support online learning […]

Ten Blogging Tips

Ahhh..another numbered list….at Occam’s Razor: http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/2006/10/top-ten-blogging-tips-insights-from-a-novice-blogger.html From a novice blogger…some fascinating advice: Tips / Insights Summary: Nobody cares about you, they care about what you can do for them Have a personality, reflect your core beliefs, be honest, have fun Blogging is a very serious time commitment Pick a subject matter you are passionate about and that you are good at Respect the intelligence of your audience Blogs need constant promotion, participation and evangelism Being “digg’ed” is great exposure but traffic builds gradually over time, one person at a time Have goals, whatever you want them to be Be nice, […]

Why You Should Use MySpace (7 Points)

Nicole points to a TechSoup article: http://www.techsoup.org/learningcenter/internet/page6016.cfm?rss=1 How to Use MySpace to Raise Awareness: Three nonprofit organizations share their experiences includes a hot seven point list that library folk might take to heart as they plan for their MySpace profiles. I love the proactive approach! Tips for Running a MySpace Campaign If you decide to launch a MySpace page for your organization, here are seven things you can do to increase your chances of success: On your MySpace page, ask friends to take specific actions such as “link to our Web site,” “subscribe to our e-newsletter,” “tell a friend about […]