The Wanted Librarian

The Wanted Librarian

I’m always glad to see Dominican GSLIS students blogging..I was sad that lisDom’s Laura Crossett graduated just as I was arriving. Here’s a new one though: The Wanted Librarian.

From his inaugural post:

Smugly, I admit that I dig the title not just because of the word play on my surname (Want) but also because I’m often something of an “outlaw” in my approach to life. 🙂 While I initially fretted that no one would read the musings of a librarian-newbie, I decided that, as an educated and well-read guy, I’m capable of engaging in discourse on libraries, information, technology, culture, and everything else that finds its way into the library blogosphere. Though it sounds trite, we all have our unique experiences and perspectives that inform our individual voices. And I decided that my voice, too, was worthy of being heard….even if I am just a first-semester LIS student.

As my friend Will (a librarian in Dallas) told me the other day: “You’re already a librarian.” Someone told him that when he started graduate school, and he found it sage counsel to pass on. While I may not feel as though I’ve earned the noble title of “librarian” yet, his words have reminded me that I have obligations and contributions and a membership to the community, even at this early stage.

Welcome to the Biblioblogosphere, Brian!