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Gold from the Biblioblogosphere

My holiday break is waning. It’s been wonderful but it’s almost time to get back to school. As I pack and prepare to head back to Dominican, I note some nuggets of gold in my aggregator. Happily, I can point my students to these wonderful blog posts next semester! David King on Invited Participation I linked to this already, but this is a series to watch. Management 2.0 and the Trumpeter in the Attic I heart this: “Today for the first time I heard the phrase “Management 2.0.” I guess I knew that was coming.” but this is the gem: […]

Telling Stories

Via The M Word Blog comes another example of libraries doing interesting things with video: We love stories at the library and have discovered a wonderful new way to tell them. Millions of others have discovered it too: YouTube. YouTube hosts videos from throughout the world…at no charge. I love stories too, especially those that share with users, staff and governing bodies how important libraries can be in the lives of users. And here’s the part I really like: At the library web site www.gailborden.info/videoextras.html, we are using YouTube to help us tell stories about the library and reading. And […]