Gold from the Biblioblogosphere

My holiday break is waning. It’s been wonderful but it’s almost time to get back to school. As I pack and prepare to head back to Dominican, I note some nuggets of gold in my aggregator. Happily, I can point my students to these wonderful blog posts next semester!

David King on Invited Participation I linked to this already, but this is a series to watch.

Management 2.0 and the Trumpeter in the Attic I heart this: “Today for the first time I heard the phrase “Management 2.0.” I guess I knew that was coming.” but this is the gem: “My management theory is that a good manager acknowledges this essential dysfunction and constantly works around it. That work effort can take many forms, from meetings that encourage all voices to be heard, to modeling good time management and planning, to teaching people how to set aside their personal differences in order to achieve an objective. I have also learned how to listen to silence. As a manager, I tend to think silence is very instructive. ”

Greg Schwartz on balance, life unplugged and reducing information intake. “As part of reducing my information intake and self-imposed pressure to “keep up,” I reduced the number of feeds in my Bloglines (current count is 128) and cut out many of the podcasts that I was listening to, including most of the library-related content. Again, tough decisions, but better for my overall state of mind.”

Laura Savastinuk guestwriting at Library Crunch on “Serving our Communities” “As I was taught in library school and as I believe as a practicing librarian, Librarians are here to provide information service and access, not to pass judgment on this information or those who seek it. Libraries need to be neutral zones, not a place for librarians to dictate what is worthy information and what is not.”

Thanks Bibliobloggers!