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Schneider on Planning & IT

For some tips and strategies on dealing with librarians, IT and this 2.0 world, don’t miss Karen Schneider’s most wonderful post at TechSource “IT & Sympathy.” http://www.techsource.ala.org/blog/2007/01/it-and-sympathy.html First, if they haven’t told you what they’re up to, sit down with your IT people and ask what their schedule is, and where your needs for new stuff fit in. It would be wise for IT to do this proactively, but they may not think this way, and you can help them get there. You may find out that IT has some pretty important stuff on the docket, pretty far down Maslow’s […]


ALAMW2007 Originally uploaded by mstephens7. Things are bustling at the convention center! I’ll be hanging out with the OCLC folk at their booth in the exhibit hall after the symposium. If you are attending, please say hi. (and don’t miss the DDR at the ALA TechSource booth!) See you there!

TTW Mailbox: An Aussie Librarian Responds to Maplewood

An Aussie Librarian writes: I was dismayed to read your post ‘Lock the Doors’ regarding the library who have decided to close for part of the day, due to youth violence and inappropriate behaviour. I am glad that the community is taking a role to keep the library open. These types of problems with youth are by no means limited to the USA and we have experienced very similar here in Australia. We have a success story You may want to share with readers of TTW. One of our public libraries, West Torrens Library Service, recently won an award for […]