Schneider on Planning & IT

For some tips and strategies on dealing with librarians, IT and this 2.0 world, don’t miss Karen Schneider’s most wonderful post at TechSource “IT & Sympathy.”

First, if they haven’t told you what they’re up to, sit down with your IT people and ask what their schedule is, and where your needs for new stuff fit in. It would be wise for IT to do this proactively, but they may not think this way, and you can help them get there. You may find out that IT has some pretty important stuff on the docket, pretty far down Maslow’s hierarchy, that you weren’t aware of because it’s not visible or sexy—from some essential upgrade to the network to disaster planning.

Second, do some IT planning on your own. New technology deserves a fair chance at succeeding, and you play a role in its success. Where do you want your department to be six, twelve, eighteen, or twenty-four months from now? Get it all out on paper, from the most fundamental (upgrade all computers in the public areas) to the most blue-sky (we’re going to open a library branch in Second Life and sell tee-shirts).