iPods & Training for Staff

Rob Coers, my Dutch partner for presentations at Internet Librarian International, just posted about iPod training he recently completed:


He translated the post as well:

In september 2007 the Spijkenisse Public Library in The Netherlands won the 4th IFLA International Marketing Award with their campaign “We miss you”. Library director Huub Leenen awarded his staff (21 people) with a iPod Nano. I had the honour to do a hands on training to help the staff on the way.

Altough usage is very easy, managing your music on iTunes is sometimes a pain. Specially for those who are not used to be downloading music and working with a new program like iTunes. Subjects we covered:

iPod as phenomenon
iTunes, iTunes Library, playlist and organizing your media
downloading music
finding and subscribing to podcasts
examples of podcasting libraries.

What a fantastic way to make your staff familiar with current technology and motivate them in their job!