Great Chicago Libraries

Tuesday I spoke to a class at Elmhurst College about Web 2.0, libraries and future trends. The class, Great Chicago Libraries, is a course offered to Elmhurst College Honors Program students and is taught by Donna Goodwyn, Associate Librarian, Susan Swords Steffen, Library Director, and Peg Cook Reference/Instruction Librarian. The highlight of the course is multiple library visits. Each visit was blogged and YouTubed as well. Take a look at:

and get a load of this list of “Library Visit Blogs:”

And as we’ve heard about before, a couple of the students didn’t get past the first floor of the Newberry but they did get a good idea of what the library offers.

I was somewhat surprised that we were shut down; especially after reading on their website that they are “open to the public.” I understand the importance of their materials, but it’s not like we were asking to go into the stacks. We just wanted to see the library.

We spent some time discussing the Newberry’s policies and public “face” as a group. It was fascinating.

Thanks to the students and instructors for a great session!