A Blog about Chicago Public Library


Another Dominican GSLIS styudent launches a blog, this time dedicated to discussion about the services and presence of Chicago Public library. Christopher Rios writes at his About Page:

I love CPL and I am constantly trying to find new and better ways to use its resources to their fullest. I have also found myself frustrated by certain aspects of its functions and services and feel that there is definitely room for improvement. My hope is that employees at CPL will read this blog and a discussion will ensue about what practices are currently working and what practices could be changed or implemented to improve services. I am also hoping that other patrons will read this site and say to themselves, “Hey! That’s a good idea!” and request those services from CPL, or give CPL that pat on the back it needs every once and while. Buy your local branch librarians a gift or bake them some cookies. (It’s good to be nice to your local librarian.) If you are also a CPL patron please send in your stories (good and bad) and suggestions and I’ll be sure to post them up on this blog.

Wowza! He’s going to gather stories about CPL. This will be a blog to watch – IO hope some of the CPL librarians and administrators add their voice as well if this takes off.

Hey Chris, check out the postings at the “Great Chicago Libraries” blogs about visiting CPL: