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A Response to Web 2.0 & the Culture of Perfect

I gave a new talk at OLA last week called “Best Practices for Social Software,” based in part on my Library Technology Report and some new thinking I’ve been doing in response to all the incredible stuff happening in libraryland and in our 2.0 world. I want to write up the list and hope to get to that this week, but I was delighted to get a lengthy e-mail response to the talk. Patti writes about her thinking in response to some of the considerations of the Read/Write Web and has allowed me to publish it here: Hi Michael, A […]

Learning 2.0 in CIL Magazine!

Via Library Crunch: http://www.infotoday.com/cilmag/feb07/Blowers_Reed.shtml Since launching Learning 2.0, I’ve been contacted by at least 2 dozen other libraries that wanted advice on how to develop programs of their own. The great thing about Learning 2.0 is that I created it with the same free Web 2.0 tools that it introduces to staff. I used Blogger.com to publish all the exercises, Bloglines for tracking all staff members’ blogs via RSS, Odeo to host the podcasts, Flickr for photos, and YouTube for videos. Because these tools are free and open, you don’t need your own Web server or domain to create an […]