Learning 2.0 in CIL Magazine!

Via Library Crunch:


Since launching Learning 2.0, I’ve been contacted by at least 2 dozen other libraries that wanted advice on how to develop programs of their own. The great thing about Learning 2.0 is that I created it with the same free Web 2.0 tools that it introduces to staff. I used Blogger.com to publish all the exercises, Bloglines for tracking all staff members’ blogs via RSS, Odeo to host the podcasts, Flickr for photos, and YouTube for videos. Because these tools are free and open, you don’t need your own Web server or domain to create an online program. You really just need ideas and effort. (A good memory for multiple login accounts helps too.) But even with all of these tools, you really don’t have to re-create this stuff from scratch (unless of course you want to).

Utilizing a Creative Commons license, I’ve made all of the content on the Web site available for anyone to use, and several libraries already have. In October 2006, the Yarra Plenty Regional Library system in Melbourne, Australia, launched Learning 2.0. And closer to home, the Missouri River Regional Library has expanded the program to 29 Things to include discovery exercises for MySpace, Gmail, and more. With so many new tools and technologies emerging these days, there’s always room to improve the Learning 2.0 concept and to prepare for the next wave of technology.