It’s Everywhere…

Jenny says: “What would you add to help your colleagues understand this is also “Library 2.0?”

Casey Bisson states simply: “It rocks” and shares some text from the video:

ext is unilinear…when written on paper.

Digital text is different.

Hypertext can link.

With form seperated from content, users did not need to know complicated code to upload content to the web.

Who will organize all of this data? We will. You will.

Digital text is not longer just linking information…Web 2.0 is linking people…people sharing, trading, and collaborating.

We’ll need to rethink a few things…

What does this mean for what we do? What does it mean for folks in LIS education? Can libraries and librarians play a role in linking people together in this new landscape of blogs, tags, flickr, YouTube and more. Absolutely!