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Library Innovators*: McMaster University Press Coverage

Forget the card catalogue. McMaster’s new librarian is talking blog, wiki and gaming. He’s even giving the university an alternative life on a popular online world. Read the Full Article I had the pleasure of presenting the kickoff for McMaster University library’s Learning 2.0 program last week and I had the distinct pleasure of dining with University Librarian Jeff Trzeciak and User Experience Librarian Amanda Etches-Johnson. Our lunch disciussion was incredible and I felt I was truely in the presence of Innovators. Want proof? Check out the Hamilton Spectator article above. When McMaster University hailed the hiring of a new […]

Sisters, Sisters!

http://freerangelibrarian.com/2007/02/march_8_2007_sisters_sisters.php Karen Schneider reports: n March 8, 2007, netbib, Germany’s best observed library-related weblog, will feature an “all-women’s day,” featuring a call for postings by women on Web/Library 2.0 issues, to be posted on that day Ladies, may I ask you to participate? Gentlemen, can I ask you to reach out to the woman (or women) you know have great ideas they are not sure about sharing–and post them on March 8? (Glynnis, you and my new friends in South Africa–can we get some perspectives from you?) Kudos to Anne Christensen and company for thinking this up. Please, give this […]

A Full and Rich Day for the Dutch Visitors

Jaap and Erik speak to an LIS Class at Dominican Originally uploaded by mstephens7. As I type, dear readers, it’s a COLD Thursday morning..still dark outside with temperatures hovering around 0.’ Jaap and Erik from Deflt Public Library are already up as well, getting ready for their next adventure: tours of libraries to the northwest and meetings with more innovative librarians. Yesterday was wonderful because I had them with me, on campus at Dominican University, as guests of the Graduate School of Library & Information Science. We had lunch in the Dining Hall with Professors Kate Marek and Karen Brown. […]

It’s Everywhere…

Jenny says: “What would you add to help your colleagues understand this is also “Library 2.0?” Casey Bisson states simply: “It rocks” and shares some text from the video: ext is unilinear…when written on paper. Digital text is different. Hypertext can link. With form seperated from content, users did not need to know complicated code to upload content to the web. Who will organize all of this data? We will. You will. Digital text is not longer just linking information…Web 2.0 is linking people…people sharing, trading, and collaborating. We’ll need to rethink a few things… What does this mean for […]