A Moving Picture….


Richard Wallis discusses the Web 2.0 Video and offers this:

If you haven’t seen it yet I encourage you to invest the 4:31 minutes it takes to watch. According to Michael Wesch – Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Kansas State University this is only a second draft of the video but nevertheless eminently watchable. The video is an output from Digital Ethnography – a working group of Kansas State University students and faculty dedicated to exploring and extending the possibilities of digital ethnography.

Those four and a half minutes deliver a more informative/entertaining insight in to the journey from hand-written text to the, Web 2.0 labeled, principles of today, than a whole afternoon of human delivered Powerpoints could do.

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that the ‘picture is worth a thousand words’ equation is getting a ‘short video clip’ multiplier by about a power of ten. So I propose a Proverb 2.0 – “A moving picture is worth a few thousand words” – The Google tells me that this phrase has not existed before, and who am I to disbelieve it. (at last I’ve said something unique!)

A [headphones on – coffee cup in hand click through from a blog posting] video few minutes is now becoming a standard, and very powerful, way of educating yourself almost on a daily basis.

Wondering how to start a seminar on Web 2.0/Library 2.0? – Show this, it could set the scene for those that don’t think they know anything about the subject, and lay the ground work for the more in-depth speakers to follow.

What a great way to start a Library 2.0 talk or keynote!