Daily Archives: February 9, 2007

Via the LiB: http://librarianinblack.typepad.com/librarianinblack/2007/02/dopa_returns_th.html Republican Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska has introduced a bill called “Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act” (#S49.IS). This is simply the new version of the DOPA bill, including all the original DOPA propositions with two additional Titles added: restricting the sale of personal information […]

DOPA Returns! :-(

http://blogs.talis.com/panlibus/archives/2007/02/a_moving_pictur.php Richard Wallis discusses the Web 2.0 Video and offers this: If you haven’t seen it yet I encourage you to invest the 4:31 minutes it takes to watch. According to Michael Wesch – Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Kansas State University this is only a second draft of the […]

A Moving Picture….