We need to rethink…privacy…ethics…ourselves.

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Jaap & Erik speak to my class

This weekend is the second meeting of my section of LIS753: Internet Fundamentals & Design. Over six in class eight hour days and some out of class online hours, the class codes HTML, blogs, and creates a new library service with a Web 2.0 tool. We started the day with a brief presentation by our Dutch visitors Erik & Jaap. They shared details of their innovations at DOK and engaged the class in a conversation/discussion about implementing new ideas and sharing content at Delft Public Library. What about the costs for these tools? a student asked. “Don’t think budget first,” Erik said, “Think ideas. A good idea will find a budget.”


Keep Stories
Share Stories
Make Stories


Later, I pulled up the Web 2.0 The Machine is Us/ing Us video. It illustrated all of our discussions, readings and my goals for the course and re-emphasized the points Erik and Jaap made. This video is a perfect companion to our discussions about privacy, copyright and ethics and the new Web. Try using it in your library staff meetings, emerging technology groups or as a discussion starter about innovation and Web 2.0.