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Librarian’s Use of Social Tools, a brief report from the OCLC Symposium

At the OCLC Symoposium, we used an audience polling mechanism that allowed on the spot feedback and answers. I was able to contribute a question as was Howard Rheingold. The OCLC folks sent me the results that were displayed in the room so I could include them here. It’s fascinating and might be viewed as a reliable data set/cross section of the profession. We had between 350-400 people in the room. One bit of data that would help is a breakdown of what types of librarians were present. Over half of the crowd said “no” (my work is not yet […]

SirsiDynix UpStream: Libraries Building Communities

“There are countless examples/case studies of libraries being the center of the communities in which they serve. What is the best example of “libraries building communities” that you have come across or experienced? What do you see happening in the future in empowering libraries to play even a greater role in their communities?” For fifteen years, I’ve worked in a public library, mostly in positions relating to the Web or technology training. It’s with that background and paradigm I address this question. I love the examples of libraries building community via physical space and through interactions between users and librarians, […]

More from Palos Verdes: Director’s Blog!

I heart this: I am a “browser” – I love wandering around the library stacks seeing what catches my eye, and my daily cruise through our “new books” section has led me to some great reads. In the same vein, one of my favorite things to during those rare “downtimes” in the office (like when I’m eating my lunch!) is to open up my Bloglines account and see what some of the other bloggers are saying. I rarely fail to find an insight, an idea that we can use here at PVLD, or a link or reference that opens up […]

Another Learning 2.0 Initiative: Palos Verdes Library District

Rosario writes: Take a look at the prizes that are up for grabs for the staff of the Palos Verdes Library District who complete their modified version of 23 things. You can view the available goodies at the site. This is another example of a library doing good things on a small IT budget. http://www.pvldlearning.blogspot.com/ A Wii! iPods!! Woohoo… The library ties the program to it’s mission and vison. Explore some of the new technologies that are reshaping how people use the Internet to access information and interact with one another. Think about how these new technologies could be used […]

Joomla in Libraries

Joomla in Libraries Originally uploaded by crr29061. http://www.joomlainlibrary.com/ From the site: Joomla! is an award-winning, open source (Free!) Content Management System that helps you build and manage state-of-the-art websites and other powerful online applications. Why Joomla In Libraries ? Here you’ll find step-by-step tutorials, library-focused templates, extensions, and a community of support to get your website off the ground and running quickly and smoothly.