FGL: Thoughts & prayers are with you…

The Feel Good Librarian writes:


As a customer service person, I am usually not comfortable asking for things. I am used to providing assistance, helping and encouraging people. I anticipate needs, ask follow up questions and provide current, historical and background information. Now, however, I have a request to make.

I found out this week that I have cancer. I don’t mean to be melodramatic – this is a good kind to have, if there is such a thing, with a 97 percent cure rate. After surgery, I have one-time chemo. My hair won’t fall out and I won’t be nauseous. I will be radioactive and in isolation, but only for a few days. I only get a week off work, so obviously the prognosis is pretty good.

On the other hand, this is the big C word that nobody wants to hear. I am nervous about the surgery and the following discomfort, about being on lifetime meds, and about glowing in the dark. So…..

Here’s my request: my surgery is Wednesday the 21st. If you can spare a good thought or a prayer, stand in front of your statue, touch your beads, light a candle or just think, “Gosh, I hope the FGL is ok,” I would appreciate it. I’m extremely ecumenical when it comes to blessings.

I have always appreciated the FGL’s candor, wit and insight into reference services in a public library. Her voice is pure and true. So I’ll be thinking of you, FGL, now and on the 21st and ask TTW readers to please send your thoughts her way as well.