Reinvention: Blyberg Joins the Incredible Darien Library Team

He writes:

I am leaving Ann Arbor because I have accepted a position at the Darien Public Library in Darien, Connecticut. My official title will be Head of Technology and Digital Initiatives. I have to say that my pulse quickens when I think about what the Darien Library has in store for the future, and to be part of it is a dream come true. I will be working for Alan Gray, who is currently Associate Director. DPL’s director is Louise Berry.

I will continue to blog here at I also have no plans to discontinue work on such projects as PatREST, or SOPAC. In fact, they will be crucial components of my future work. Darien Public Library is, like AADL, an Innovative Interfaces customer and I plan to join Darien in their effort to forge a srong and close relationship with III. Though I may have been critical of them in the past, and very well may be in the future, that does not mean that I don’t value a meaningful development partnership with them. I tend to think in terms of “how can what I’m doing now benefit not just my institution, but all institutions?” So you can be sure that I will continue to share our successes, and perhaps more importantly, our failures.

Congrats John! My pulse quickened too when I read that one of the most innovative library people I know is joining the staff of the incredible, forward thinking Darien Library. A few weeks ago I wrote this after spending an hour lunching with the folks from Darien:

Blyberg & Stephens Visit the CN Tower

The conversation then turned to blogging: blogging libraries, blogging librarians and blogging directors. I hung on Louise Berry’s every word about how she views her organization, what it means to be a blogging director and how she empowers the staff to conribute. I was inspired. Not a hint of micromanagement, hang ups with “flavor of the month” style organizational culture or pyramid shaped charts here folks…. I think Darien Library would be a very attractive place to work if I was looking to get back into libraries – it really strikes me as an enviroment of sharing, collaboration and encouragement.

I know John’s thoughs about openess and transperancy. He truly believes what he writes about and advocates. Watch Darien Library closely, readers, as John joins their team, as they continue to plan and build their new building and as they find more innovative ways to interact in a human, transparent way. Check out their blogs here.

Synchronicity alert: last night in class I pulled up the entry at Library Thing for the Cluetrain Manifesto. Look closely. 🙂