Rumours? *

Dave Pattern posts a cryptic message on his blog:

Don’t you just hate it when someone tells you that something major is about to happen, but you really don’t want to repeat it because it might not be true and you’d just be spreading unfounded gossip. But, then again, it’s so absolutely huuuuuuge that you can’t find a hat big enough to keep it under? Anyway, something may (or may not) be about to happen that could rock your world.

Let’s sit back, fasten our seatbelts, and see what happens in the next 48 hours in LibraryLand…

And he tags it “sirsidynix”…hmmmm …what could the big news be?? Could SirsiDynix be acquiring another ILS company? Could another big merger be in the works? Could major changes becoming to the SD ILS? Monitor your feeds folks… this could be interesting!

Update: Richard Wallis offers more:

*I like the spelling, I’m a Fleetwood Mac fan!