A Shout Out and Best Wishes to Teresa Koltzenburg

Seeing this photo in Jenny’s stream brought back many good memories and reminded me today is Teresa’s last day at ALA TechSource. Back in May, 2005, Jenny and I accepted an invitation from Teresa to dinner while visiting Providence, RI to do a NEASIST event. We’d never met. But something clicked that night and Tersea asked us to write for the Blog. I honestly believe my path in libraryland changed that evening.

Since then, Teresa has edited my blog posts at TS and supported and encouraged me through the writing process for Web 2.0 and Libraries: Best Practices for Social Software. Last summer, amidst dissertation work and planning my job change, I turned in 29,000 words and she made them make sense! Her graphics magic made all of my TechSource posts shine!

So, best wishes to you, Teresa – I am glad we got to work together. Remember, we’ll always have Providence.