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Librarians 1.0

Librarians 1.0 Originally uploaded by agsaandjsmom. Winner for Most Humourous in the National Library Week Day in the Life of South Carolina Libraries Contest! On Monday the Lee County Librarians dressed up as Library 1.0 types. The patrons loved it and so did we. The entire day was filled with laughter.

Traits of the 20th Century Librarian

http://lisnews.org/articles/07/04/20/136247.shtml Why waste your time trying to be a “21st Century Librarian” when you’re just going to retire in a few years? You’re perfect just the way you are! Stick with the same ol’ thing you’ve been doing since you started working 27 years ago (and hey, don’t be afraid to remind everyone of just how long it’s been!). To raise the awareness of those around you, here’s a list of traits for the 20th Century Librarian. Fear and loathe change Leave technology to others Librarian-centered focus Be completely ignorant of any/all trends beyond 1975 Use only phones and email […]

Rethinking Resource Sharing Conference

This was on the wall as part of the ground rules in the large meeting room for the RRS Comnference. Works for me! 🙂 http://www.rethinkingresourcesharing.org Yesterday I spoke at the Rethinking Resource Sharing Conference outside of Chicago. This group is doing some darn cool stuff and their Web page sums up their goal nicely: Creating a new global service framework that allows individuals to obtain what they want based on factors such as cost, time, format, and delivery. This framework will encompass promoting and exposing library services in a variety of environments. I stayed to see a presentation about their […]