Journey to Library 2.0

Robin Hastings writes:

What did we get out of this process? We learned our staff are willing and able to understand the new technologies that our patrons are using. We also learned some specific lessons about presenting this sort of training experience. Next time, we will include the Life Long Learners portion of the PLCMC program—a tutorial that explains the “7 & 1/2 habits” of lifelong learners to help our staff get into the spirit of being self-taught and self-motivated. We will also offer live question-and-answer sessions at least monthly, if not weekly, to help staff understand difficult concepts in person.

We received requests to do traditional classroom training on some of the new tools. For example, staff would like to get to know Flickr better now that they are familiar with what the photo-sharing application does. We are planning to schedule instruction on this when people branch off to learn more about their favorite tools.

This is not the end of our Library Learning 2.0 program. We have plans to continue it into “Library University,” with blogs and teaching resources on different topics, from customer service solutions to Microsoft Office software. This will enable the entire library staff to acquire all kinds of new concepts, skills, and abilities in order to use technologies that are difficult to schedule and teach in a more traditional “classroom” setting. By continuing this program, we’ll help our staff learn at their own pace and in their own way while keeping up with the swiftly changing times.

Read the entire article for an overview of how to do a successful Learning 2.0 program. Thanks Robin!