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Rules Rules and More Rules

A post about rules from Library Yarns: So, I was at work today, once again enforcing rules that I don’t agree with. Three people are working in a conference room on their laptop. They need to print. They ask if they can use one of our patron computers and attach their thumb drive. No problem so far. Turns out that they don’t have a library card and we have a strictly enforced rule that you cannot, no way, no how use our computers without one. I try to use mental telepathy to encourage them to tell me they are from […]

Scholarly Vs. Popular Journals at YouTube

Rachel writes: Eli Moody, the brains behind the academic library cartoon strip Search & Research (http://search-and-research.blogspot.com/) did a cool video on Scholarly vs. Popular Journals here at Vanderbilt University (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vu7Mpk16TEQ). I think it’s wonderful that someone so talented can find new and creative ways to reach out to the users. Oh yeah!

Gaming Librarian Appointed

http://ulatmac.wordpress.com/2007/04/26/immersive-learning-gaming-librarian-appointed/ News from McMaster University: The University Library is pleased to announce the appointment of Shawn McCann to the position of Immersive Learning (Gaming) Librarian. Shawn comes to us from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan where he is the Digital Projects Librarian and has also held the position Web Librarian. Shawn’s official start date is August 1 2007. Shawn’s primary responsibility will be for exploring, creating, supporting and promoting library resources through gaming and virtual worlds. In particular, he brings strong technical skills; library experience; grant writing; classroom teaching experience; and, of course, a personal interest in gaming. Thos […]

Journey to Library 2.0

http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6431957.html Robin Hastings writes: What did we get out of this process? We learned our staff are willing and able to understand the new technologies that our patrons are using. We also learned some specific lessons about presenting this sort of training experience. Next time, we will include the Life Long Learners portion of the PLCMC program—a tutorial that explains the “7 & 1/2 habits” of lifelong learners to help our staff get into the spirit of being self-taught and self-motivated. We will also offer live question-and-answer sessions at least monthly, if not weekly, to help staff understand difficult concepts […]

No, FGL, Thank YOU!

http://feelgoodlibrarian.typepad.com/feelgood_librarian/ Some people think anonymous blogging is lame. It’s the only way I know how to protect myself, my library and the poor patrons whose stories I tell here. But I am telling you now, there is nothing anonymous about this to me. That’s why I’m reading this one, to emphasize that I have a voice, I have a body, I am an individual person. This is me, sharing my personal experiences, receiving your feedback. There is nothing anonymous about walking through this life knowing that I – me, this little person in this little life – I – am […]

Great Conference Enhancements

http://www.blogwithoutalibrary.net/?p=266 From Amanda Etches-Johnson: I was at the IA Summit in Vegas back in March (my first one) and the conference planners did a lot of things that I would categorize as Good Conference Ideas. I started writing this post weeks ago (while I was still in Vegas, in fact) and, having just returned from CiL, where a lot of these ideas would have worked really well, I thought it was time to polish off this post and get it up here. So, here you go then, a photo essay of Good Conference Ideas (that are definitely worth stealing). Ideas […]