Jessamyn at Work

Me at Work

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An incredible image from Jessamyn’s photostream brightens my gray day in Northern Michigan:

She writes: This is what I do on a lot of my days. I go to libraries and help people with their computers. Today was a fun day. Both my students had Macs and were clever and interesting people [the little girl is a grandchild of one of the trustees] with problems to solve.

I taught the man on the right how to reply to an email, how to use the shift key and how to make a folder and put a message in it. I taught the woman on the right how to create a text document, save it and close it and open it again. I also showed her how to add someone to her Yahoo mail address book.

It’s so great having wifi in the library so that I can show these people how to do these things on their own computers and they can take them home and do them over using the exact same computers.