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How Do I Explain ALA Council “Shushing” to My Students?

Dominican Students & Michael Stephens Originally uploaded by mstephens7 I was honored to have students from Dominican GSLIS attend my talks at conference. I was so glad for them to experience annual — with the crowds of library folk, far flung meeting rooms and a regular orgy of freebies and schwag in the exhibit hall. What troubles me is the reports from the conference concerning Aaron the Librarian’s attempt to speak to Council. He writes: …Councilor-at-Large Heidi Dolamore stood for me (with coaching on parliamentary procedure by Councilor-at-Large Michael Golrick) and asked the moderator to suspend the normal rules of […]

Jessamyn at Work

Me at Work Originally uploaded by jessamyn An incredible image from Jessamyn’s photostream brightens my gray day in Northern Michigan: She writes: This is what I do on a lot of my days. I go to libraries and help people with their computers. Today was a fun day. Both my students had Macs and were clever and interesting people [the little girl is a grandchild of one of the trustees] with problems to solve. I taught the man on the right how to reply to an email, how to use the shift key and how to make a folder and […]


A Cheap Lynnetter Knockoff Originally uploaded by cogdogblog Play is integral to this thing we call “work” in the new net space, not bounded by walls, old rules of behavior, etc. Where is the carefully drawn line between work and play? Please click through and read Cogdogblog’s comments.