Daniel Pink on Six Abilities That Matter Most 2

David Warlick blogged about a presentation by Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind.


Warlick noted that Pink said it’s no longer computer skills that we need but skills that can’t be outsourced:

Six abilities that matter the most:

Symphony — the ability to see the big picture, recognize patterns, see what’s not there.

This list excites me. It’s filled with promise. But it scares me too – what are we teaching in LIS education that build these skills? Are we teaching graduate students to play? To see the meaning in what they do — the context? Are we teaching them to continue and tell the story of libraries?

The Fall semester starts in just 6 weeks. It’s filled with promise as well. Tell me, LIS folk, what would be the best ways to impart these skills to your future employees?

2 thoughts on “Daniel Pink on Six Abilities That Matter Most

  • Emily

    Good question! I just shared it with my cohort here at UIUC’s introductory session for the online MLS program.

  • steven bell

    I advocate that we introduce the concept of design thinking into the curriculum. Design thinkers demonstrate several of the abilities in their work – which put another way is understanding problems and identifying solutions from the perspective of the end user. We explore design thinking among other things at “Designing Better Libraries” at http://dbl.lishost.org

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