This is Not a Study Area 3

This is Not a Study Area

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What if I had my laptop, iPhone with headset, and a sudden motivation to write the introduction to my term paper? And I sat THERE! How would anyone know if I was studying?

3 thoughts on “This is Not a Study Area

  • Mack

    This is probably a “well duh” comment but I suspect they really meant is that it isn’t a quiet area so don’t complain if someone is talking near you. Maybe they lost the “q”

  • Anonymous

    Could you give this picture some context for us?

    Is it in a cafe?
    Is it in a lobby?
    Is it in a quiet area of the building (assuming, here, that it is a library)?

    What would you suggest they change? No signage? More friendly signage?


  • Susan Mellott

    I too am hoping this means that people can talk there and don’t have to be quiet because people are studying.

    Regardless, this is a perfect example of the unwelcoming feeling that using a negative like ‘not’ provokes. There is surely a more positive way to say whatever they are trying to say.

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