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Ask for What You Want

By Michael Casey & Michael Stephens When was the last time someone said lawyers or doctors needed to update their images into the 21st century? How many skits on Prairie Home Companion or Saturday Night Live have you seen where doctors appear as outdated, dowdy spinsters in need of love or romance? None. Yet Garrison Keillor’s “Adventures of Ruth Harrison, Reference Librarian” parades antiquated and stereotyped images of librarians as humor. Unfortunately, librarians are often portrayed as technologically backward, fearful of teens and loud noises, and overly protective of books to the point of not wanting anyone to “touch our […]

Tess reading Harry Potter

Tess reading Harry Potter Originally uploaded by Hennepin County Library Via Meg 2.0: Love this promotion for Harry at my library: Submit a photo of you, a friend, a family member reading HP7 to add to our Flickr photostream Blog your review and discuss the book. There are now 90 comments!! from readers on HP. Any library could this kind of thing to allow users to share their reading experience.