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2,281NWS2.article An article by Angela Caputo gets me thinking about learning and libraries this morning, and frankly, I am a little scared: That’s the computer-access rule at the Sauk Village public library. And it’s drawing criticism from one local school board member who challenges the policy as another barrier to […]

Barrier: Illinois Library Charges $1 for Computer Access

Let the (video) games begin! Originally uploaded by Canton Public Library (MI) At Canton Public Library: We just got our new collection of video games in. There are about 40 so far with a loan period of 1 week. Text all your friends and tell them.

Let the (video) games begin!

Michael Stephens, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Dominican University in Illinois. He spent over fifteen years working in public libraries while developing a passion for technology. His publications include The Library Internet Trainer’s Toolkit, two ALA Library Technology Reports on Web […]

Short Bio

McMaster Library is getting rid of the their rules about food in the library: I’m pleased to say we’ve made a significant change to our “no food” policy. This is excerpted from an announcement from our AUL for Teaching, Learning and Research: Beginning September 4, we will no longer […]

Eliminating Food Regulations

Evening teen panel moderated by Stephen Abram Originally uploaded by American Library Association Publishing Do not miss sampling the incredible audio from the presentations and panels from the Gaming Symposium. jenny has put loads of content up at: The image is the evening teen panel moderated by Stephen Abram, […]

Gaming & Libraries Symposium Audio

At a presentation back in June, a librarian came up to me at a break and said “We’re too timid as a profession, aren’t we?” That really got me thinking – which lead to a discussion with Michael Casey which lead to this edition of “The Transparent Library:” In […]

“We’re too timid, aren’t we?”