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Comment: No More Restrictive Policies

Sharon Clapp from the Connecticut State Library comments on this post: https://tametheweb.com/2007/07/poor_new_mexico_state_library.html Right after I came aboard at the State Library in CT (just a couple of weeks before I ran my blogging workshop) last year, an edict came down from the higher-ups in state government reminding us that we may be monitored and that use of the computers and/or networks supplied by the state may not be used – even on breaks – to access personal email, to “surf” websites, etc. People who came to my blog workshop – having already been required to sign off on this internet […]

Professions Do Not Stand Still

I keep coming back to this post “I didn’t get an MLS to do that.” http://blogaboutlibraries.com/2007/02/i-didnt-get-mls-to-do-that.html Professions do not stand still. Have you ever met a plumber who doesn’t work with PVC? An electrician who only uses knob and tube wiring? A firefighter who thinks those new fangled breathing masks are just too complicated? No, professionals who don’t keep up with the technologies that affect their work go out of business. Librarianship is not immune to that. We don’t have a choice. To me this is the most important reason. Even if we don’t like computers, our patrons do. Libraries […]

Gaming?? In an Academic Library? Oh YES!

http://librariansmatter.com/blog/2007/07/31/gaming-in-my-academic-library/ Like many academic libraries, our library has just remodelled two floors to make a Learning Common. It is aimed at capitalising on the building as a social space – a place that creates a community of learners and provides a venue for students to hang out and (hopefully) do some self directed learning. We are opening part of it 24/7 and have soft drink vending machines, junkfood vending machines, comfy couches, a coffee shop… Is a gaming space really so far from that continuum? During mid semester break, we have PC labs that stand empty. Would a leisure reading […]