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Sharon Clapp from the Connecticut State Library comments on this post: https://tametheweb.com/2007/07/poor_new_mexico_state_library.html Right after I came aboard at the State Library in CT (just a couple of weeks before I ran my blogging workshop) last year, an edict came down from the higher-ups in state government reminding us that we […]

Comment: No More Restrictive Policies

I keep coming back to this post “I didn’t get an MLS to do that.” http://blogaboutlibraries.com/2007/02/i-didnt-get-mls-to-do-that.html Professions do not stand still. Have you ever met a plumber who doesn’t work with PVC? An electrician who only uses knob and tube wiring? A firefighter who thinks those new fangled breathing masks […]

Professions Do Not Stand Still

http://librariansmatter.com/blog/2007/07/31/gaming-in-my-academic-library/ Like many academic libraries, our library has just remodelled two floors to make a Learning Common. It is aimed at capitalising on the building as a social space – a place that creates a community of learners and provides a venue for students to hang out and (hopefully) do […]

Gaming?? In an Academic Library? Oh YES!